CHARDONNAY | Cycles Gladiator | White

PINOT GRIGIO | Stemmari | White

WHITE BLEND | Conundrum | White

Rosé | Remy Pannier | Pink

PINOT NOIR | Cycles Gladiator | Red

CABERNET SAUVIGNON | Plungerhead | Red

RED BLEND | Conundrum | Red

PROSECCO | Canella | Sparkling



Mojito, Moscow Mule, Kentucky Mule or Old Fashioned

Vodka | Light Rum | Spiced Rum | Bourbon | Gin | Tequila | Whisky

Mix with tonic, club soda or any non-alcoholic beverage

Hard Sparkling Spirits from Karrikan

Blueberry, Fruit Punch and Key Lime


Berry or Rosé



Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Root Beer

Iced Tea

Lightly Sweetened Green or Just Black

Food Truck Sundays

Our “kitchen” is closed on Sundays to allow our friends at Comets Pizza a day of rest. Have no fear, we have partnered with many Food Trucks to provide you with a delicious food option every Sunday. Check our events page to see who will be here each week.